Link It - Kodak Digital Camera - Data Cable, Cord, Lead, Wire with Ferrite - Zx1, C1013, C140, C160, C182, C190, C310, C315, C330, C340, C360, C433, C443, C503, C513, C530, C533, C603, C613, C623, C633, C643, C653, C663, C703, C713, C743, C763, C813, C875, C913, CD33, CD40, CD43, CD50, EasyShare One Zoom 6MP, EasyShare Zoom 4MP, Kodak C180, M1033, M1063, M1073 IS, M1093 IS, M320, M341, M381, M420, M753, M763, M853, M863, M873, M883, M893 IS, P712, P850, P880, V1003, V1073, V1233, V1253, V1273, V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, V803, Z1012 IS, Z1015 IS, Z1085 IS, Z1275, Z1285, Z1485 IS, Z612, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z712 IS, Z730, Z740, Z760, Z812 IS, Z8612 IS, Z885, Z915, Z950, Z980, Z981, ZD710, - Model Number - U-8, U 8, U8,
  • Brand new high speed USB 2.0 replacement cable
  • Connect electronic device via USB port
  • Compatible with PC and Mac computers
  • Backed by one year warranty

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