3 to 2 Snap Pop Adapter Metal blade grounding, Plug with snap-pop release feature Convert a Three-Prong plug into a Two-Prong plug. The Snap Release makes unplugging from an outlet easy. Save room on a power strip by using a Snap POP Adapter. Optimize your Power Strip outlet Caution: Risk of Electric Shock or Fire use only in outlets where the cover plate is grounded. Grounding continuity must be maintained. Consult a qualified electrician to determine where cover plate screw is grounded. Indoor use only. Do not use in wet or Damp conditions or potentially wet locations such as in bathroom. Keep away from water. Do not use if damaged; do not attempt to repair 3PCS/ Packaging Same as Well Shin WS-037-F Limited one year warranty
  • US 2 Prong Plug
  • US 3 Prong Female Connector
  • Plug Adapter
  • Snap-POP Release
  • Traveller Adapter

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