AINHOA is an award-winning series of professional beauty products for use in the comfort of your home. Pleasurable, convenient, made from the highest quality ingredients, these are Spa-quality products at affordable prices. Ainhoa has been available in the worlds’ finest hotels and spas for over 15 years, offering luxurious treatments using their products. Whether you want daily use products or an intense treatment, whatever your skin type; the stunning Ainhoa range has the right products for you. Treat yourself today and enter the exclusive world of Ainhoa. SPA LUXURY is a range of professional and spa inspired products based on the quality and efficacy of luxury components, especially designed for you to use at home. These are professional grade spa treatments. The natural richness of active ingredients provided by Caviar, Diamond, Gold, Rose Oil and Amber have been mixed with ingredients from flowers, such as Rose, Jasmine and Hibiscus, offering you luxury products with effective results. The SPA LUXURY range has been designed with you in mind, offering moisturizing, nourishing, firming and regenerating benefits. At the same time you relax, which helps to relieve your tensions and eliminate fatigue. All 17 exquisite products and treatments work to highlight the skin's beauty and luminosity. SPA LUXURY Black & Gold Micro-spheres are composed of ingredients which enhance the skin’s luminosity: protecting the skin by increasing its viscosity and hydration, offering elasticity and resistance. They may be mixed with any massage gel and/or cream. It is important to prepare the mixture a few hours beforehand to hydrate the spheres, making it easier to apply over the skin. A wonderful treat for yourself or an ideal gift for someone special. The SPA LUXURY range is recommended for everyone and all Ainhoa products compliment this range.
  • Gold Micro-spheres are composed of ingredients which enhance the skin?s luminosity
  • Protects the skin by increasing its viscosity
  • Hydrating and replenishing
  • Offering elasticity and resistance to the skin
  • May be mixed with any massage gel and/or cream

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