Mobotron MS-426 is a standard versatile vehicle laptop stand / mounting system. Our patented "No-drilling, Bolt-on" mounting solution allows users to easily install, fold away and remove the mounting system in a few minutes. This innovative laptop stand is designed for sedans, heavy / light trucks, SUVs and Minivans. The No.6 Sure-grip tray can secure most electronic devices (from 9.7"-17") in market- Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, iPad, Tablet etc. The aluminum telescoping tube and quick-release locking system allows user the adjust device into different angles/positions.
  • Sure-Grip Laptop Deck - With Extendable Rear And Front Sliding Bracket, The Deck Can Easily Secure Laptop (From 10" to 17")
  • Hand-Control Pan - Allows to Adjust Tray Vertically (180°) And Horizontally (360°)
  • Two Quick-Release Levers and Knob-Screws Allow Users to Adjust Deck And The Aluminum Arm Into Best Working Position
  • Standard Aluminum Tube (23mm) - Can be easily adjusted up to 24" height
  • Universal Mounting Base - Apply to Most Vehicles - *Please see if your vehicle has the seat bolt as shown in photo (or you can choose the alternative mounting solutions -- Mobotron FM-101)

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