It is generally understood in families that boys wil1 b,e boys but there is a limit to the forbearance implied in the i i extenuating axiom. I vfaster Sam was condemned tor ni the back nursery for the rest of the day. He always had haa the knr.ck of Breaking his own toys, he not unfrequciuiy broke other peoples ;but accidents will happen, and hist vin sister and factotum, Dot, was long-suffering. Dot was fat, resolute, hasty, and devotedly unselfish. When Sam scalped her new doll, and fastened the glossy black curls to a wigwam improvised with the curtains of the four-post bed in the best bedroom, Dot was sorely tried. As her eyes passed from the crownless doll on the floor to the floss-silk ringlets hanging from the bedfurniture, her round rosy face grew rounder and rosier, and tears burst from her eyes. But in a moment more she clenched her little fists, forced back the tears, and gave vent to her favorite saying, I dont care. That sentence was Dot sbane and antidote; it was her vice and her virtue. It was her standing consolation, and it brought her into all her scrapes.
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