Need a bed for guests, children, family, and friends. Here it is. Even has a built-in pillow. The Easy Riser brand has been manufacturing air beds for 25 years bringing all ages a comfortable night's sleep. This queen-size air mattress inflates/deflates quickly and easily with a hand held remote control wand. Add queen-size sheets and a comforter (not included) and the bed is ready for use. House the entire soccer team easily by purchasing some of these heavy-duty beds. Convenient duffel bag included to store and transport the bed. Support 650 lbs.
  • A queen-size bedroom in a bag; Create a comfortable bedroom anywhere in the house in minutes; Even includes a 29 inch high pillow
  • Open it up, inflate quickly and you are ready for any children, family, friends and even campouts
  • Feels just like sleeping on your own bed at home; Easy to get into and out of and very comfortable to sleep on wherever you are; Supports 650 lbs.
  • A new, more powerful 120V UL Approved AC air pump is hidden inside the bed for quiet operation, convenience and long life
  • Another luxurious feature of the 25 Inch Air Bed is the ability to choose your own comfort level; Use the remote to tailor your comfort

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