The VLCC Anti-Aging Chocolate facial kit offers professional salon treatment in the comfort of your own home. Made with all natural ayurvedic herbs and extracts, most notably pure cocoa extract, it pampers your skin, boosts collagen formation and offers quick skin firming. This four phase anti-aging facial treatment begins with a mild yet deeply cleansing exfoliation to clear away dirt and dead skin, opening the pores to the rejuvenating powers of the Chocolate facial pack. The Chocolate facial pack combines several herbal extracts with pure cocoa extract to penetrate into the skin cells and revitalize the skin from the inside out. Antioxidants present in chocolate help in reducing visible signs of aging, detoxifying and toning the skin to leave it with a youthful glow. Following this powerful toner with a rich chocolate cream and finally an exclusive herbal anti-aging serum fortifies the cleansing and revitalizing actions of the kit, for long lasting effects. This luxurious and professional facial kit is now available for you in your home. Treat your skin to natures blessings.
  • A Complete Herbal Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Enhanced with Chocolate extract: Rich in anti-oxidants to reduce visible signs of aging
  • Unique blend of ayurvedic herbs to rejuvenate the skin
  • Naturally increases collagen formation to firm the skin, eliminating wrinkles
  • Includes: Chocolate Facial Scrub, Chocolate Facial Pack, Chocolate Facial Cream, Chocolate Facial Serum

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