White Loft pillows are filled with 100 percent of the best virgin mulberry silk batting, encased with a very soft 300 single thread count cotton case. Pillows are the most personal choice on the bed for sleeping comfort. White Loft pillows offer a unique, luxuriously soft feel while still giving consistent 2 inch support throughout the pillow. The single piece of batting is sewn directly to the pillow edge to keep it from bunching or shifting. Size is 20 by 26 inches.
  • 100 percent naturally hypoallergenic silk repels dust mites and eliminates mold and mildew that may aid reducing morning allergy symptoms
  • Pound for pound silk is stronger than steel, resulting in a durable comforter that will last for years and never bunch, shift or make cold spots
  • Silk batting offers a uniquely luxurious, soft feel while giving consistent 2-inch support that won't lump or separate
  • Hydrogen peroxide is the only cleaning agent used in all of our fibers, creating a healthy, dye-free sleeping environment
  • Measures 20 by 26 Inches

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