MARINCO ADAPTERS are thoroughly tested and inspected to insure highest quality. Dialectric and continuity tests are run before and after molding on each adapter. All products are visually inspected prior to shipment. Designed specifically for marine use. Highest grade materials. Rugged durability. Safe, efficient use. All wire is UL listed and oil and moisture resistant. Wire gauge is selected according to device rating. Molded portions are yellow vinyl wire jacketing compound. ADAPTERS do not have covers. Not recommended for use in wet locations. Female Connector: 30A, 125V Locking. Male Plug: 15A, 125V Straight Blade.
  • Marinco EEL Straight One Piece Adapter 15 Amp/30 Amp-15 Amp is Male end and 30 Amp is Female end-Yellow
  • Newly Designed One Piece Straight Adapter to survive the harshest marine environment

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