500 million years in the making...The Just Slate Company design team harnesses this character to produce stylish and handcrafted tableware.

From their workshops in Scotland, they hand-cut each individual slate piece to fit with contemporary designs. By striking the raw slate correctly, a skilled craftsman can split the layers to create a flat surface with a detailed riven edge. Throughout the production process they focus on the elegance of the finished product and using traditional methods each piece of slate is selected, cut, shaped, felted, oiled and inspected before packing.

These stunning antler handle trays reflect this season's themes and allow celebration of a Scottish icon. Each handle has been cast in stainless steel for strength and elegance. The foam-backed natural slate tray has rounded ends to complement the curve of the antler. It measures 19.5 x 9.75-Inch.


Can we wash the Slate in a dishwasher? No, the slate simply needs a wipe down with mild kitchen cleaner and a damp cloth. Putting slate through the dishwasher is not recommended due to the foam backing.

Will all slate look the same? No, because the slate is handcrafted therefore irregularities must be expected on the surface & edges. Over time the color and amount of mineral content of slate will change slightly depending on which seams are quarried.

How can we look after our Slate? After a long period of time your slate may dull in color therefore, from time to time you may wish to rub good oil onto the surface to rejuvenate the deep black coloring and to enhance its contours.

Can we heat the slate up in the oven? Slate can withstand temperatures of up to 390 Fahrenheit therefore It is suitable for use as a Trivet to place your hot pans on. We do not however recommend placing the slate in the oven due to its foam backing.

  • Slate trays with brushed stainless steel antler handles; Ideal for serving food made to share such as cheese, canapés and nibbles; The large slate tray combines with the small, medium, and oval slate serving trays to create a range suitable as individual pieces or as a slate gift set
  • Gift Boxed - Just Slate Company products are packaged in attractive presentation/gift boxes making them excellent gifts for all occasions; Foam-baked - All products have a foam backing to protect your surfaces
  • Distinctive surface for presenting food on; Sealed with a food safe lacquer; Heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for hot pots; Slate is well known for having an ability to retain a foods temperature for longer, whether hot or cold
  • Suits both traditional and contemporary home; Includes one (1) serving tray; 19.6 x 9.8-Inch
  • Easy clean - All products are washed and sealed for easy care and simply need a wipe down with a mild cleaner and damp cloth; Do not clean in dishwasher

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