This Learning Spanish eBook is written for beginners and advanced students of the language, for those who have visited a Spanish speaking country and for those who have yet to travel there. It is for business men and women who will travel to a Spanish speaking country for meetings or conferences and need to know how to communicate well in Spanish. It is also for those individuals with an adventurous spirit who dream of living in a Spanish speaking country but have no idea how to get there and what to do once they arrive.

The eBook is arranged into chapters and lessons. Each chapter gives you information about learning the language, advice about what to do when traveling to a Spanish speaking country or specific lessons and exercises that will help you to practice and learn Spanish for everyday communication. The book contains a pronunciation guide, beginner and advanced grammar lessons, and vocabulary lessons organized in alphabetical order and by subject.

The eBook provides website links to online dictionaries and other resources, and travel tips that will help you advance in the study of the language and the culture. The great thing about this eBook is that you can store it in a portable storage device or download it to your e-reader and easily take it with you when you travel; read it in your spare time; or while you’re waiting in line for your morning cup of coffee at the pastry shop.

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