CASE OF 4 - SPRINGS OF MEKONG Lampe Berger Liter Parfum de Maison Lamp Perfume Springs of Mekong blends in total harmony the floral freshness of lotus flowers with the green, aquatic flavor of bamboo. - Top notes: green and fresh notes with Shiso leaves (a plant cultivated and used in Asia since ancient times, characterized by an aniseed odor) and cucumber. - Heart notes: an alliance of green and aquatic notes (bamboo stems) and the freshness of floral and crystalline notes (lotus flowers). - At the base, wooded (white cedar) and floral notes (iris, mint). Inspired by nature, cherished memories, and distant travel, the Lampe Berger Parfums de Maison collection invites you to live well... every day. Our premium home fragrances release an exceptionally delicate scent of unparalleled quality. Through our catalytic process, these beautifully perfumed notes permeate your living space and purify the air. FREE SHIPPING & SAVE $$$ by purchasing a 4 bottle Case Pack of Lampe Berger Parfum de Maison, Lamp Perfume, Fragrance Lamp Oil. Each Liter = About 33oz Case packs must all be the same fragrance. As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps & Oils may NOT ship to California.

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