Fast running at over 4,000 strokes per minute, this two-speed clipper features a powerful universal rotary motor that runs cooler for more comfortable handling. The unit glides through thick, coarse hair, while its wider sweep allows for faster cutting. It provides smooth, quiet, and reliable performance, as well as virtually unbreakable housing under normal working conditions. For added convenience, the clipper's detachable blade system enables quick, easy blade changes and increased versatility. The device can be used with all A5 blades and the Take-Down-Quick wide blade series. The clipper includes the new blade. In its sleek, attractive design, the two-speed clipper measures 2-1/7 by 2-1/7 by 8-1/2 inches Features: New housing made from a new material that is virtually UNBREAKABLE! Powerful clipper with more than twice the power of the leading competitor Glides through thick, coarse hair Detachable blade system gives you incredible versatility - compatible with all A5® blades and Oster® Take-Down-QuickTM (T.D.Q.) Size 10 blade Blade Oil Clipper Grease Cleaning Brush Spring assembly set Instructions
  • Powerful universal rotary motor
  • Cooler running for cooler handling
  • Includes new blade size 10 and we will ship you an extra one (whichever is available at the time of shipping)
  • Detachable blade system for quick, easy blade changes and increased versatility
  • Fast Running at over 4000 strokes per minute

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