The Bright Therapy Softlaser Plus is the No. 1 selling Light Therapy Softlaser in the world. Look years younger and have beautiful skin. Have a clear, radiant complexion. The Softlaser works in the privacy of your own home. Features: 635nm Narrow Band, High Power, RED Coherent light Medical Grade Stainless steel aperture cover CPO Tech - Continuous Power Output Anti-dimming light Large treatment area - unique system creates 11mm wide beam. Cordless - AAA Battery Powered (Batteries included) Large Carrying Case 10 minute timer Don't let the term "Softlaser" scare you. The Softlaser cannot not cut or burn. . Instead its light penetrates into the skin to stimulate cellular growth. The BrightTherapy Softlaser Plus produces a true coherent light that has a super wide beam. It is only Softlaser light that stimulates skin cells to produce more ATP. The energized cells increase collagen production making your skin more radiant and beautiful. The Softlaser operates 635nm wavelength and 5mw of power that has proven to be the most beneficial for skin rejuvenation. The Softlaser Plus uses proprietary system that creates a 11mm wide beam so a large area can be covered. The soft laser is powered by 2 AAA batteries. CPO Technology: The BrightTherapy Softlaser Plus uses capacitors and resistors that keep the Softlaser light output constant and very bright. We called this CPO (Constant Power Output) Technology. Instead of dimming when the batteries get low the Softlaser Plus will shut off automatically. This means you need to replace the batteries.
  • High Power 635nm RED Coherent Light covers a large area of the skin
  • Acne Buster! 635nm light kills Acne bacteria while promoting faster healing of Acne scars
  • Rejuvenates skin and creates a healthier appearance, Stimulates collagen production great for Anti-aging treatments
  • Faster and more effective than LED light Therapy, 635nm Softlaser light cannot burn.
  • USA design and engineering - 10 minute timer, pulsed and Continuous mode, CPO Tech anti-dimming light

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