Long life batteries and a PIR sensor means this smoke detector is both hassle free and worry free. The PIR sensor extends battery life by only kicking in to action with body heat is detected. The bottom view camera captures a wide area and is perfect over a doorway, cash register or computer station. Get crystal clear surveillance even in total darkness with the invisible Night Vision technology. The QUAD receiver allows you to capture footage from up to 4 cameras. For even more monitoring options, connect the receiver to an operational PC to monitor your hidden camera system remotely from your iPad or smart phone with the free EZ-See app. With Xtreme Life Wireless you can: - Build your own hidden camera system: connect up to 4 of any combination of Xtreme Life, Zone Shield or Night Vision Wireless hidden cameras - Install included software and watch video remotely via an easy access weblink - Record locally to a removeable SD card - Connect via USB to your PC then watch and record - Connect via RCA to your TV, DVR or VCR then watch and record Unlike other covert models you can: - Enjoy hassle free set-up with no IP configuration to deal with - Connect 1-4 cameras to one receiver SPECS: Receiver: Recording Resolution 620 x 480 4 Channel Hidden Camera Connectivity Recording Mode - Motion, Continuous, Scheduled Time and Date Stamp Up to 32GB SD Card Supported USB Interface for PC Recording and Remote Video Access Setup Transmission distance is approximately 450 feet line of sight Recording File Format TL4 playback with bundled ASP4 Software Transmitter Transmission distance is approximately 450 feet from hidden camera Power 12V Channels Hopping: 24 channels Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz Resolution / Frame Rate: 640x480@30fps
  • Easy install: just charge it, mount it, and the SC7450 will do the rest - 2 second start up for motion activated recording using PIR (heat motion)
  • Battery operated for up to 30 days of operation in standby mode - No visible wires - Install up to 4 hidden cameras and get simultaneous Quad Video Display and Recording
  • Remote Video Access - Users can remotely access their hidden camera systems from any PC with internet access
  • iPad devices.
  • 3 possible recording modes: Motion, Scheduled, or Continuous Recording - 2 possible recording methods: Internal SD Card Recording via the removeable SD card in the receiver(up to 32 GB SD capable) or PC based recording with installation of APS4 software

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