Multi-layer Protection System (MPS) T - A holster that complements your iPhone 5 protection.
At the end of 2010, we launched the CASE123 MPS line of holsters to equip iPhone 4/4s users using TPU covers and cases with a carrying solution. With the iPhone 5, we are pleased to announce the same offering.

Introducing the CASE123 MPS T Series for iPhone 5.

The CASE123 MPS T - Elite Executive is enlarged for compatibility with TPU covers and snap on hard cases. Now even iPhone 5 wearing a case/cover can be used with a holster.

This item is for the genuine leather holster only.

Fitting Guide:
1/5 - a very loose fit both sideways and in front/back direction
2/5 - a slightly loose fit only in front/back direction
3/5 - good fit without being tight
4/5 - slightly tight with just a little friction. A little bit of work in time is required
5/5 - Tight sideways and in front/back direction

iPhone 5 Ballistic LS Smooth Case - 4/5
iPhone 5 Case-mate Barely There case - 3/5
iPhone 5 Case-mate Brushed FX Aluminum case - 3/5
iPhone 5 Incipio NGP Case - 3/5
iPhone 5 Speck Candyshell Cases - 3/5
iPhone 5 Speck Pixelskin HD Case - 3/5
iPhone 5 Tech21 D3O Impact Snap Case - 3/5
iPhone 5 S Pattern TPU & PC Hybrid Covers - 2/5
iPhone 5 Typical slim TPU covers - 2/5
iPhone 5 Griffin Moxy Python Case - 2/5
iPhone 5 Moshi iGlaze case - 1/5
iPhone 5 Incipio Feather case - 1/5
iPhone 5 not wearing a case - 1/5

Maximum Inner Case Dimensions: 12.6cm x 7.0cm x 1.5cm

For use with a rugged case, please search for CASE123 MPS XLR Holster for iPhone 5

For use with ultra-slim covers or a bare iPhone 5, please search for CASE123 MPS SL for iPhone 5

  • 360 degrees rotating swivel belt clip with 24 lock positions
  • Magnetic flip retention flap
  • 1x matte)
  • Compatible with typical TPU covers and cases. See product descriptions below for fitting guide. (The holster is very loose with a bare iPhone 5)
  • The Elite Executive series is made with genuine leather with visible leather grain surface, a classic look and feel.

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