TFFP Trout Fishing Gift Set: Deluxe Microslit Foam Shirt Pocket Fly Box w/ 15 of the best Umpqua Trout Flies Deluxe Patriotic US Flag Nippers and Forceps with Loon Outdoors Dual Zinger Tool kit The Fly Assortment: Umpqua Feather Merchants most popular trout fly assortment including: 3 - Elk Hair Caddis #14 3 - Royal Trude #14 3 - Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Bead Head #14 3 - H & L Variant #14 3 - Copper John Bead Head #14 Fly Box Size: Small 3" X 4" X 1-5/8" Color: Clear with yellow center band. Outstanding two-sided fly box feature micro-slotted foam to easily secure and remove flies, water proof gasket on both lids, lightweight, see-through lids for easy fly ID, easy one finger push-button opening allowing access to both sides individually.
  • Double-sided shirt pocket fly box is compact yet holds dozens of dry flies and nymphs!
  • Microslit technology makes handling flies easy and quick
  • 15 of the best Umpqua trout flies
  • Makes a great gift for your favorite angler
  • Includes patriotic US flag nippers, forceps and Loon Outdoors Zinger

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