Scotch NaturalsTM nail polish is 100% free of toxins and solvents and eliminates the concern for safety hazards, toxicity and VOC issues currently facing solvent-based, 3-free nail polishes without any loss of performance. Many of the "3-Free" polishes available in the marketplace still contain harmful solvents, such as butyl and ethyl acetates, nitrocellulose, and phthalic anhydride, which can damage nails and be harmful to your health.

For a natural, long lasting manicure we highly recommend our nourishing base coat to provide the perfect foundation to maximize adhesion and improve wear and our top coat to improve chip resistance and for a high gloss shine.

Polish Remover: For easiest removal, soak nails in warm water for a few minutes. Pre-moisten all nails with remover allowing time for polish to soften. Then moisten cotton pad with Soy Polish Remover and rub across nail to remove. You can also remove any remaining polish using an orange stick. After removal, thoroughly rinse nails.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish
  • Vegan
  • Nourishes the nails
  • Free of harmful solvents such as butyl and ethyl acetates
  • Free of phthalic anhydride, nitrocellulose, acetone and heavy metals

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