From being a silly little girl with a flair for the imaginary, pretend and make believe, came a collage of designs in the unique style of Sally Jean. An eclectic mix of inspiration and whimsy from antique artifacts, vintage adornments, bit and pieces of this and that and witty and charming phrases and sayings combined together to form products that when read and studied, leave a person with a sense of "This is so me" or "I feel this way too". With such a broad range of themes and sentiments, you are sure to find a wine glass spot-on for the occasion you need it for. Gift it or keep if for yourself. Each 14 ounce glass has added sparkle with glitter accents and a rhinestone stem charm and comes in a coordinated gift box. To put it simply, at Santa Barbara Design Studio, we make what we love and we love what we make. Since 1976, it has been our mission to create beautifully designed, high-quality giftware products that you are inspired to give and want to keep. Our passion for finding the next wonderful product has translated into a broad line drawn from the works of talented and trendsetting designers like Lolita, Curly Girl, Sally Jean, Naughty Betty, Patrick Reid O'Brien, Tamara Hensick, Christopher Vine Design and Bombay Duck, just to name a few.
  • Nostalgic looking wine glass from artist Sally Jean
  • Holds approximately 14 ounces, stands 9" tall
  • Artist Sally Jean's unique mix of inspirational, humorous and vintage looking designs inspire your own creative inner child
  • Text on glass: Sisters are forever friends
  • Added sparkle with glitter accents and rhinestone stem charm, coordinated gift box

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