Handcrafted Brass Celtic Ring with Green Enamel Newgrange Spiral design. The design is inspired by ancient Celtic history and is based on Newgrange a complex of prehistoric passage tombs in County Meath, Ireland which is richly decorated with megalithic art. Dating from around 3000 B.C., Newgrange is especially important for its superb collection of megalithic art, which includes over 300 decorated stones. The spiral is featured on many of them. The spiral pattern is suggestive of re-birth or reincarnation. Its a classic piece that makes a welcome addition in any stylish collection of tasteful jewelry. This item has been e-coated which gives a high quality finish and prevents oxidation, tarnish, allergic reaction and scratches with normal usage. Also available in blue, red, black and plain enamel script. Also available in silver plated. Check in my shop for details.
  • Comes in Attractive Free Gift Wrapping
  • Spiral Pattern Symbolises Infinity, Re-birth, and Spiritual Growth
  • May be Washed with Warm Soap Water
  • Inspired by Newgrange, a Complex of Prehistoric Passage Tombs in County Meath, Ireland
  • Made in Ireland

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