Suitable for active sport compression and long time standing work needs. Gradual compression to avoid the development of varicose vein and swollen. Latest generation antimicrobial nanofiber technology to prevent odor germ growth. Thigh High Length to maximize the support of the blood flow back to the heart. Excellent Spa Massage Socks for Relax. Color: Black; Material: Lycra 32%, Antimicrobial Nanofiber 48%, Spandex 19%, Nylon 1%.
  • DVT Prevention, Sport Compression Socks
  • Measure: 4'1-6'1; 90-200 lbs
  • Compression Level:35-39 mmHg (Leg); 30-35 mmHg (Heel to Mid Calf)
  • 20"
  • Thick Soft Comfort Footbed for Shock absorption and Extra Protection, Gradual Compression Design to increase the circulation back to the heart.

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