Megan Marsh was just passing through McCray County, Tennessee on her way to a career in Chicago, but after a run-in with an overzealous deputy involving a bee, a slap, a speeding ticket, and a heap of misunderstanding, she finds herself suddenly immersed in small town life serving a summer sentence.

The man responsible for her community service is the devastatingly handsome sheriff, Daniel McCray. From the moment they meet, something sparkles in each of them.

Unfortunately, Daniel's roots are firmly entrenched in rural McCray County and the last thing he needs is to feel an overwhelming attraction for a city girl who's just passing through. But for some reason, every time they meet the attraction grows.

Much to Megan's surprise, she revels in the joys of small town society, but she can't forget her vow to become an inner city teacher. She wants to teach the underprivileged. However, the more she learns about McCray County and Daniel, the more she believes her future lies there.

Can the rural sheriff and the city socialite learn to accept love even when their dreams keep pushing them apart?

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