This listing is for a brand new red metal finish twin size bed set that includes the themed head board, mattress rails, and the foot board meaning all you need is a box spring, mattress and bedding! The head board features a custom Spiderman Comic Book Heroes themed! This is a regular twin size bed set and will work with a regular twin size mattress and would be great for children! Extensions are included for the head board making it's overall height approximately 41" tall and the foot board is approximately 31" tall. Feet protectors come with every set to prevent damage to your floor and we also include the hardware for attaching your mattress rails to your head board and foot board! We have many other themes and teams available in our other listings as well as this same headboard in a black, white or blue color!
  • Spiderman Theme
  • Twin Size
  • Red Finish Metal
  • Foot Board Set Includes Mattress Rails!
  • Great for Children!

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