REASON AVE.3 Diary Wallet Type Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • There may be a gap around the case edges of the pen hole area as they are cut apart. Please do not use strong force to remove the case from your phone.
  • Some customers often return the item and ask for refund after removing their phones with strong force knowing that there is a gap between the cut areas. Please keep in mid that in such cases, you are not eligible for returns, exchanges or refunds.
  • As the case is manufactured in a streamline and has a gap between the pen hole area, if the case is touched repeatedly near the edges, the adhesion may become weak. Please keep this in mind before you place an order.
  • There is a little hole for a strap on the lower side of the case
  • There is a magnetic in the color button so you can fold the case into half

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