The Eden E Series 180W amplifier provides enough volume for the more serious rehearsal or small jam session. The cabinet design keeps size and weight to a minimum without sacrificing tone. As well as more power, all of these amplifiers offer an increased feature set, which introduces the musician to the staple tone controls and additional functionality you might find on more serious bass amplifiers on the market. There is even a balanced XLR output so that any of these combos can be used in conjunction with a desk console and/or PA system to provide the ability to use the amplifier in a live music environment or through other equipment to record your bass lines.
  • 180 Watts, Custom tuned and ported cabinet design for maximum response and efficiency
  • 4 Stage EQ Bass, Mid, Mid sweep and Treble with Eden "Enhance" EQ sweep and Built in effects loop
  • On board compressor with level control, Separate input and power amp volume controls
  • 3.5mm jack socket for MP3 or other device connectivity, Single 1/4" headphone jack socket output, Balanced XLR output, External speaker output and Single 1/4" jack output for tuner connection
  • Includes: ChromaCast Pro Series 10ft Cable and ChromaCast Pick Sampler

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