MSR thrives on brand heritage.

For over 40 years their goal has been able to produce a wide variety of premium motorcycle products that their customers can put their trust in. Their athletes and quality products represents the working class heroes that span generations to keep the MSR family moving forward.

These new line-up of Apparel and Hard Parts showcases the time and quality that makes their products what they are today. With more different variant of colors and features that will fit any rider's style and comfort unto the next level. Year after year they continue to push the limits of apparel and this year is no exception... Enjoy your ride with MSR.
  • Ventilated poly mesh fabric with printed graphics
  • Dual adjustable waist straps
  • Ratchet style belt closure
  • Comfortable mesh liner
  • Rubber thigh & knee logos
  • Burn resistant embossed leather inner knees
  • 2014 Model
  • Color: White/Red
  • Size: 38
  • MSR Racing Max Air Split Off-Road Pants for Men
  • 2014 Model

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