Made in Germany Pro Sport Optic pso Swing 40 7712 CERAMIC BLACK S3 FRAME: Red LENS: GRAY Fantastic sunglasses with prescription frame behind front lens so you can have your own prescription lenses made into the frame. Adjustable Inclination: Temple joint with multiple inclination adjustment. Allows goggles to be moved closer toward the forehead for absolute protection from draft or away from the face for ventilation and prevention of fogging. PACKAGE CONTENTS: Alpina BOX. Micro fiber pouch. Alpina CLOTH. This unique style is convenient and comfortable for everyday use. Please feel free to email me with any questions. THESE SUNGLASSES ARE 100% AUTHENTIC OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Thanks for looking and PEACE!
  • Pro Sport Optic pso Swing 40 7712
  • LENS: Gray
  • UVB

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