The Now Clock is a new and unique wall clock that doesn't tell the time, but does bring you powerfully back to the present moment, to the "NOW."

It has MOVING PENDULUMS with inspirational messages that remind and inspire you to:

~ pause from your fast-paced life and reflect for a moment on what REALLY MATTERS
~ bring your attention back to the present moment, where you truly feel alive
~ let go of the past and don't worry about what might happen in the future
~ stop procrastinating and Do It Now!
~ stay focused!

The pendulums clip on with a magnet, and a simple change from one clip-on pendulum to another inspires you with a totally different message, yet still with the power of NOW!

The Now Clock is a beautifully hand crafted wooden wall clock with a glass front.
It measures 11 inches x 11 inches, and is powered by one AA battery.

The Now Clock (including your choice of pendulum) is only $49.45 with FREE SHIPPING to all 50 States (Priority Mail)
Additional pendulums can be purchased separately.

Now Clock ~ The Time is NOW !

Overseas Shipping is just $13.00 extra (First Class International)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

About the Now Clock Business: The Now Clock evolved from my own personal struggles, when my fast paced, goal-oriented life crashed and burned... but from the ashes I was given a glimpse behind the veil, to a spiritual dimension, a world where life existed at a slower pace, where I could appreciate life again with a sense of wonder.
It's a brand new business, just me working from home, my attempt at making a positive difference in the world. I appreciate your support :)
Many thanks, Richard Halsey, Now Clock

  • Let's face it, who really needs yet another clock to tell us the time?
  • What we need is help making the MOST of our time!
  • Most of us live in the past or the future, rarely in the present. We don't give our full attention to the present moment, effectively missing and wasting most of our own lives!
  • Let's put our fast-paced lives on PAUSE for a moment, appreciate what we have, and focus on what REALLY MATTERS.
  • Take your life back! Be present! NOW!

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