Bike polo players are rough, raw, and often good at making stuff. Lots of you have built your own mallets over the years, an effort we stand by and applaud. Lots of you have also traded in the pipe mallet for our mallet head with caps. Caps give you that nice, flat surface to hit the ball which results in a cleaner, more accurate, and more predictable shot. At EighthInch, our polo mallet heads are built to beat on things and be beaten on in return; they're made of injection molded 6/6 impact-grade nylon. We added a built-in 19mm shaft sleeve for added strength to the shaft/head connection. At 120g including caps, it's light enough to use all day long. It comes 130mm long, but there are cut lines to size it down to 120mm or 125mm if you so choose. The outer diameter of the head is 50mm. Installation is easy with our one bolt attachment that fits on any 19mm shaft (including some ski poles that are cut and turned upside down). All screws and hardware are included as are two replaceable end caps. You trust EighthInch to make your bike polo bikes. You can trust us to make your bike polo mallets, too.New or old, our mallet heads are covered by a $5 replacement plan. Send your damaged or worn out EighthInch mallet head back to us, along with $5 to cover outgoing shipping, and we'll send you a new mallet head for free. International customers can warranty their mallet heads through their local EighthInch dealer.
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