NoNoise earplugs are the most advanced universal-fit hearing protection in the world. It is the first with a precision sound filter positioned deep into the hearing channel of the ear. Therefore you can be sure the maximum level of sound waves will be filtered first and will not 'leak' passed the filter. NoNoise is the new generation in hearing protection. The NoNoise patented sound filters are made from a special ceramic material using zirconium oxide. The quality of this high-tech ceramic material ensures precision attenuation and high definition sound. The Venturi-shaped channel, running through the centre of the filter, absorbs sound waves different then other filters (even the most expensive other ear plugs use a straight channel) ensuring best quality, protection and dampened sound It is like adjusting the volume. NoNoise is a a silicone-free construction - particularly appreciated by those who wear their Hearing Protectors regularly and have health issues. This unique thermoplastic outer material also gives a feeling of supreme softness and comfort, even when you are sleeping with NoNoise Hearing Protectors or wearing them for extended periods. And with no muffling effect you will hardly notice you are wearing them so you will get used to them quickly.
  • Reduces engine and wind noise for racing and touring bikers
  • The best ceramic filter in the world, no muffling effect but dampened, it's like adjusting the volume
  • You can still hear warning traffic signals (like sirens), phone calls and music
  • Universal-fit for everyday use, comfortable silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic
  • With aluminum tube canister to always keep your earplugs safe in your pocket.

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