So, you want to know all about the inner workings of a woman's mind, do you? You want to know what makes a woman tick, what makes her excited, what will make her want YOU and not some too-good-to-be true stud that always seems to get the women he wants? I have good news for you; it IS possible, because women, despite being complicated creatures whose desires often contradict their actions, are not necessarily after what you think they are after...

This book is designed to give you a detailed and entertaining insight into what actually goes on inside a woman's head when it comes to choosing a mate. Told from an honest female perspective, and with the mindset of a professional writer who appreciates the importance of balancing the subjective with the objective, what you get is plenty of personal insight and a steady sprinkling of facts and real-life examples from other women to help you find your way in the dark (you'll learn some good tips about what to do in the dark too).

Scarlett R.


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