Dior L'Or De Vie Serum Sample Size 5ml x 2 = 10ml Retail Full Size 30ml$395 New in Box Made in France Brand New and authenticity guaranteed Product Details The new L'Or de Vie delivers revolutionary anti-aging benefits that stop time in its tracks. the ultra-concentrated formula now includes miyabenol-C, a polyphenol molecule unique to the vines of yquem, which targets the skin cells' own DNA to correct all signs of aging. The lightweight serum penetrates down to the heart of the skin to deliver the very essence of the yquem vine sap for the ultimate anti-aging corrective action. Immediately, the skin is smoother, firmer and more luminous, and its appearance is more youthful than ever.
  • Christian Dior L'Or DE Vie Le Serum 5ml x 2 = 10ml

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