We can't think of many things more terrifying than trusting random strangers with our prides-and-joys. Handing your bike over to a baggage handler can be a harrowing experience. Fortunately, the folks at Timbuk2 know your pain, and are here to help. The Bike Carry Case provides a protective cocoon for your bike while you relax uncomfortably in Economy.The Timbuk2 bike Carry Case's most important innovation is its removable padding. Cushions surround your bike to keep it safe during travel, and can then be taken out to allow you to fold the case for storage. A separate derailleur case and nylon webbing ensure items won't shift in flight. Nylon webbing allows you to strap the bike down so your bike won't move around inside the case. The Bike Carry Case comes with large, sturdy wheels to allow you to move quickly and with a high degree of stability. Grab handles on all sides make the case less cumbersome, especially in tight spaces.The Timbuk2 Bike Carry Case measures 30x50x9 inches. It weighs 18. 5 pounds. It is available in Black/gun metal.
  • Claimed Weight: 18.5 lb
  • Closure: zippered
  • Carry Handles: 1 top, 2 sides
  • Dimensions: (external) 29.9 x 50.4 x 9.1 in
  • Wheels: yes

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