This premium combo pack includes a hard shield case (Black lily flower vines on purple and silver design print), micro usb car charger, wall charger and USB cable for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express I437. The case is made of 2 hard plastic pieces and clip to the front and back of phone. The surface of the case is covered with a rubberized coating for extra grip and protection. This armor case offers excellent protection by preventing chips and scratches to the device. Case, chargers and USB cable are brand new, individually sealed and packaged. Car charger and wall charger both come with LED lights that indicate when a secure power connection is made with your device. Both chargers have built in Smart IC chip that recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to safe mode to prevent over-charging and short circuit. Phone can be used while charging but we suggest you do not operate your phone while driving. The 2.0 Micro USB cable is light weight and perfect for travel. It has a thick and strong mold for extra protection. It can charge your phone from any USB port as well as transfer and sync data from any computer. Accessories are not OEM products from Samsung or AT&T directly, but rest assured they are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Bemz Depot Atom LED keychain light is included. Dropped your phone in the dark? This LED keychain is perfect for illuminating dark areas. Has an ON/OFF switch and pressure button. Comes with 3v watch battery. Attaches easily to any keychain. All accessories are made for the Samsung Galaxy Express I437 offered on the AT&T network.
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  • Black lily flower vines on purple and silver design print hard shield cover case
  • Car charger output current up to 1100 mAh. Wall charger output current up to 850 mAh
  • 2.0 micro usb cable 3 ft. long built with thick and strong covering and tips for extra protection
  • T network

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