These adorable baking cups are 1ΒΌ" high on the rim, and the base is 2" across. All baking cups tend to lose a bit of their bright colors after baking. So a great tip for keeping those baking cups as bright and "clean" looking is to first bake your treat in a single baking cup, and then once they have cooled, slide them into another baking cup. For the initial baking cup that you bake the treat in, you can use a white, a matching, or even a color-coordinated baking cup for this effect. This keeps the colors on your outside baking cup nice and bright and also helps prevent your fingers from getting greasy too! --While we try to take photos to give you the most accurate color of our products, there may be a slight color variance due to differences in how each computer monitor displays these colors.
  • These greaseproof baking cups add a touch of whimsy and fun to all your sweet treats!
  • Perfect for cupcakes, cake pops, muffins, brownies, cookies, candy, crafts, etc.
  • Slide one on your child's popsicle stick to help prevent those sticky "drippies". Put one on your cake pop sticks to catch any falling sprinkles. Also great for crafts too!
  • All Crispie Sweets bags are heat sealed for quality control and safety.
  • We ship within 1 business day with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! (*Expedited Shipping costs extra). If order is placed before the day's mail pickup, we usually ship SAME day!

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