Signstek Portable Powered Hand-held Paper Shredder Cutter USB DC6V Port is powered by both UBS cable and batteries.
If Powered By An Adaptor: Using an AC-DC Adaptor rated as follows, AC230V / DC6V-1.2A or AC110V / DC6V-1.2A or USB cable DC5V
Thickness of paper:0.35mm
Width of paper inlet:110mm
Format of paper: A6 or A4
Diameter of Inlet:123mm


1x Shredder
1 x USB Cable
  • Powered via USB (cable included) or 4*AA batteries (not included)
  • Can even be powered via the mains with the correct adaptor
  • Hand-held and portable, light and convenient.
  • Cut paper by strip. Has forward, off and reverse button functions.
  • One Year Warranty by Signstek. Offer returns within 30 days after purchasing.

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