New and high quality.
Reusable- durable- fashionable- attractive.
Stretchy- adjustable- flexible .
Long longevity.
Ideal for child- men and ladies.
Good to hold up your pants- trousers- etc.
Can be adjusted from 30cm to 50cm in length when wearing.
Use easily.

Material: Weaving cotton cloth- metal- leather
Color: Black and white dots- leopard print- black glitter- blue glitter- silver glitter- golden glitter- sky blue- dark coffee-  sapphire- blue and white dots- rose and white dots- purple- pink- orange- fluorescence green- red and white dots- fluorescence yellow- red- rose red- grey- white- black
Suitable Body length (Under the condition of no stretch):app.30cm-50cm
Width: App. 2.4cm (Silver glitter- blue glitter and black glitter are app.1.5cm)
Quantity: 1Pcs
Package included:
1 X Adjustable Braces

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