A fun and funny holiday card celebrating wine
A Wine Lover's Christmas
A Pinot in a Pear Tree
Two Toasting Friends
Three French Blends
Four Hearty Cabernets
Five Golden Sauternes
Six Corkscrews Turning
Seven Sommeliers a-Serving
Eight Charming Chardonnays
Nine Vines a-Winding
Ten Crushers Crushing
Eleven Casks a-Corking
Twelve Snobs Sniffing
Inside reads: Season's Greetings
  • CURRENT ORDER TIMES: Standard Shipping will arrive in 3-5 business days!
  • 15 Cards, made with sustainable-harvest wood fiber, printed with soy- and vegetable-based inks
  • 15 Envelopes, made with recycled paper
  • Packaged in durable acetate box with green ribbon closure
  • All contents made in the USA

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