The Anti Inflammatory Diet - Your Quick Start Guide

In this book you will learn how to: Decrease Inflammation, Improve health, combat diseases, reduce pain,and look younger by eating foods that reduce inflammation

Inflammation is said to be the silent killer. Most diseases and sickness are the result of our bodies having to much inflammation. Most doctors want to prescribe you NSAIDs and other pain killers that merely mask the symptoms instead of fixing the actual problem. This is why I wrote the “Anti Inflammation Diet.” It is full of recipes, tips, and advice to help you heal your body naturally without the need to ingest pills that have harmful side effects.

You are going to learn how to heal yourself with food and start living a pain free life!

A Preview to Anti Inflammatory Diet - How to Fight Inflammation with Diet, Slow Aging, and Eliminate Pain

There is so much that can be gained through the use of this book. Here is a preview of what you are going to learn!

- What is Inflammation?
- Inflammation is the Cause of all Diseases/Disorders
- Foods that Promote/Aggravate Inflammation
- Foods that Combat/Reduce Inflammation
- Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
- Conclusion
…So much More!!

Reader Testimonials

“What an excellent read! I began following the recipes in this book and my body has been pain free since.” - Shawn - Las Vegas, NV

“I have battled inflammation and pain for the past twenty years. All I did was take pain killers throughout the day to manage. Now I know there is another way to control my inflammation and live the life I was destined for” - Erica - Davenport, IA

Are You Ready to Beat Inflammation

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Anti Inflammatory Diet - How to Fight Inflammation with Diet, Slow Aging, and Eliminate Pain

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