A Little Insight Into Intense/Trail Footwear Running in the Swedish alpine world means running on rugged trails, off the trail, through marshland and rocky terrain, and through ever changing weather conditions. At Haglofs, they have a long and broad experience of developing technical outdoor products, made to meet the challenges of the Scandinavian nature. Now, they've teamed up with ASICS and combined their knowledge of high performance running shoes, in order to create the ultimate trail running shoes. The Haglofs Gram XC Q Women's Trail Running Shoe features an abundance of technologies that are designed to help you combat the rough and rugged terrain. It features an anti-gravel tongue, to prevent stones and pebbles entering the shoe and stopping you in your tracks. A lace pocket to hide the laces of the shoes is convenient and safe. The Strobel construction allows the shoe to be both lightweight and supportive. The shoes are made primarily from water repellent, non-absorbing fabrics, which allow the shoe to remain lightweight even in wet conditions. Minimal stitching has been adopted to reduce the possibility of irritation during longer periods outdoors. The outsole of the shoe is made of ASICS AHAR+, a high abrasion resistance rubber designed for enhanced cushioning and durability, and thus prolonging the life of your shoe. For protection against sharp objects such as rocks and branches, a Rock Protection Plate has been installed on the outsole, and an external heel counter and TPU reinforced toe cap have been installed for further comfort and protection. A reflective 3M on heel allows you to stay visible in low light, meaning you can continue to go the distance in the dark. The Gram XC Q features a Propulsion Plate for a more efficient propulsion phase. The midsole of the shoes feature ASICS's trademark technology, the SoLyte Midsole. Constructed from spongy material sitting between the sole and the upper, it is designed to help improve cushioning, lower overa
  • SoLyte Midsole - A spongy layer between the sole and upper designed to help improve cushioning, lowering weight and decreasing breakdown.
  • AHAR+ - A tough material placed in critical areas of the shoe to provide excellent grip without compromising durability. AHAR+ is a lighter version of AHAR.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning - ASICS GEL is a cushioning system created to meet the requirements of both professional and recreational runners.
  • Rock Protection Plate - A rugged plate in the sole which protects the foot from sharp objects such as rocks and branches.
  • Non Absorbing Fabrics - Made to maintain a lightweight feel in wet conditions.

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