Sylvester “Sly” Nelson has made the mistake of staying on campus during summer vacation. With the potential of extra credits and more cash, it could be the best summer ever. But Sexy College Studs has been in the grips of a madman for months, and more guys have quit than Sly cares to think about. So this summer, staying behind means training the next generation.

Adam Rivera is an incoming freshman with a hard-on that won’t quit, so what better job is there for him than getting guys off over the phone? But once he gets a load of his new trainer, the only person he’s worried about getting off is Sylvester. Sly puts up more of a fight than Adam had anticipated, though, until one night at a frat party changes everything.

For the first time in a long time, Adam and Sylvester both have everything they want, but it’s not easy keeping their relationship a secret from their co-workers with the Caller stalking them, threatening exposure at every turn. Everyone just wants his reign of terror to be over. But if he has his way, the end of Sexy College Studs itself could be closer than they think.

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