Are you fascinated by these cute little pets?

Would you like to learn more about these miniature pigs?

The Perfect Piggy book gives you a set of explicit, practical, step by step guidelines that will help you with buying, owning, and training your dream pet. It's a complete guide to Micro pigs and their care.

Seven things this book does for you:

1. Saves you money - micro pigs are expensive, but are you aware that there are cheap alternatives that are a fraction of the cost. In some cases you can even get a pet pig for FREE. This book explains where to find these cheaper and free alternatives.
2. Demonstrates how to train a pig - learn why some pet pigs are well behaved and others trash their owner’s homes? Follow the simple rules outlined in this book to ensure your pig is a model pet and a pleasure to keep.
3. Stops you being scammed – This book takes you though the characteristics of what a Micro pig is, and what it isn't. Following these simple rules will help prevent you becoming victim of the Micro Pig scammers and bad breeders.
4. Shows you how to buy the best quality stock - With the help of this book you’ll learn how to spot the difference between good quality pigs, and the bad ones.
5. Takes you the through the correct way to introduce your pig to other pets, like dogs. This book covers the safe way to introduce your pig to small children and other family members. This book also covers what you should do if things go wrong.
6. The book covers the legal guidelines when moving your pigs in USA and UK. Zoning regulations, CPH numbers, USDA laws and BPEX movements are all covered in this book. The book also offers general advice for those living in other countries.
7. Highlights the importance of correct diet. A good diet ensures your pet will live a long and healthy life, minimising the chances of obesity. This book explains in depth the things you should and shouldn't feed a pet pig.

With full colour pictures of piglets and adults you'll see what a Micro Pigs look like and how big they actually grow.

You'll also be shown how to setup the perfect pig proof fencing at your home, how to trim your pet's hoofs, and how to build the perfect piggy home for your prized pet.

All these sections are accompanied with high resolution photographs, diagrams, and there are clear explantations of everything throughout the book. This book will show you the best way to buy and take care of any pet pig.

Pigs are fantastic creatures when they are treated correctly, but they can be a nightmare to keep if you get their care wrong. Make sure you get off to the best possible start with the help of this book.

The author of this guide is Miss J Rowe an expert in Micro Pig care and the owner of LancashireMicroPigs.co.uk - one of the UK’s leading websites on miniature pigs.

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