Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, Vitamin C has been found to remove chlorine from hair, and skin and glycerin has been found to attract moisture to hair and skin. Pool Rinse combines the two natural substances in the perfect formula to help save you from chlorine that causes scratchy, dry skin. Use Pool Rinse swim spray and rinse after you exit the shower. Rinse your body in the shower, then pour a small amount of Pool Rinse chlorine remover into the palm of your hand. Work the Pool Rinse into your hair and rub it all over your body. Pay particularly close attention to the spots on your body that experience the most dryness and itchiness from chlorine exposure. A few seconds later, use your normal shampoo, body wash or soap. Lather up and finish your shower like normal. Pool Rinse removes chlorine from your hair and skin and attracts moisture back to your body. Pool Rinse comes in a new, large 8-ounce bottle. We want to hear from you; tell us how Pool Rinse worked for you.
  • Removes chlorine from skin and hair after swimming in chlorinated pool
  • Attracts moisture to skin and hair after swimming
  • Use with your regular shampoo in the shower after swimming
  • New, Larger 8-ounce bottle of Pool Rinse Vitamin C rinse includes glycerin to not only remove chlorine from skin and hair but also attract moisture to your skin and hair after swimming
  • Perfect for kids, adults, recreational swimming pool users, and water-related sports teams

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