Introducing the Alcohoot-an easy-to-use, police-grade Breathalyzer for your smartphone that shows you exactly what your blood alcohol level is at any given moment. And helps you call a cab or find the nearest late-night burger joint. The Alcohoot: the best drinking companion you could ever have. Hear us out on this one. You're at a bar. And you're wondering how the night's festivities have affected you so far. That's when 
you'll pull out this discreet, palm-size device. Just plug the Alcohoot into your smartphone (or tablet) using a simple, retractable 3.5 mm plug. No installation or extra steps required. Breathe normally into the collection chamber for a few seconds using one of the eight reusable plastic mouthpieces that come with the device. You'll find out what your blood alcohol level is on your phone, displayed clearly in the Alcohoot's easy-to- use app. Plus, you'll also see a line graph that tracks your levels over the course of the night-helping you monitor how your body reacts to alcohol. Then, use the numbers to figure out your next move: cab home or cab toward French fries. You can use the app to call a cab on Uber with one touch, and it'll also help you find nearby restaurants that are still open.
  • Smart tracking: use Alcohoot to track your consumption over the course of the evening
  • Police-grade accuracy: Alcohoot is based on fuel cell technology, which is the same technology used by professional police breathalyzers
  • Portability: Alcohoot fits easily to any pocket or purse, and at only 50 grams is easy to carry around anywhere
  • Sober up safely: use the Alcohoot app to grab a taxi or find restaurants within walking distance, so you can sober up safely

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