Your Important Event Deserves the Luckiest Date! Pick A Feng Shui Day Like A Pro!

A good beginning is half way to success! This is not just a proverb, it is also the secret to success in every aspect of life according to authentic Chinese Feng Shui theories.

All Chinese have a Feng Shui almanac at home because from time to time they need to pick a good day for their important events. However, very few people actually know how to use the almanac for date selection. This book is a done-for-you Feng Shui almanac that presents all good days for everybody, even if you have zero Feng Shui knowledge.

Picky a Lucky Day for These Major Events

(1) Wedding
(2) Moving into a new house / office
(3) Opening a new business / company
(4) Carrying out building works / repair at your house / office

Failure to choose an auspicious day for these events could result in attracting bad luck. This book is your lifesaver!

Feng Shui Date Selection Done for You by Experienced Master

This book is written by Pierre Mak, owner of the popular Feng Shui DIY blog (http://FengShuiDIY.com) who has practiced Feng Shui for over 20 years. He has hand-picked all the good days of 2014 Year of Horse for you. Just open this book, choose the type of activity and turn to the corresponding month's page, you have all the lucky days to choose from.

No more asking your Feng Shui Master, no need to pay expensive consulting fee, your own Feng Shui almanac is available to you 7 x 24!

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