This kit comes with a solder iron. It has also anti static solder sucker/desoldering pump, wick and solder wire for soldering purposes. Varieties of Capacitors are also provided with this kit. This complete kit is used to repair the capacitors of the power and inverter board of LCD Monitor problem/failure. The capacitors in this kit are of high quality capacitors to replace the failed capacitors. Problem/Symptom of the LCD: pink dot / start up problems, Slow start up, or after starting up, the picture starts to dissapear, Flickering of the TV screen, Clicking noise or Sound/Power LED is on, however no sound.
  • Solder Iron (Model#: XMX-211009)
  • Anti Static Solder Sucker/desoldering pump (Model#: 2309ZX), 7 inches solder wire (lead free), 4 inches of solder wick
  • 6 High Temperature capacitors, 820uF (2), 680uF (2), 330uf (1), 47uF (1), not including the large 400-450v capacitors
  • General Instructions are included
  • **If you just need the capacitors with the same value, please see our other product in Amazon, ASIN: B00IL1DUN4

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