Because we've all burned toast more often than we'd like to admit, Breville created quite possibly the most ingenious toaster ever made. The Die-Cast 2-slice Smart Toaster has one-touch buttons for automatic lowering and self-centering of your bread. A Lift-and-look function lets you check progress without restarting the toast cycle. And the "A Bit More" button lets you achieve the finishing touch on your toast. The Breville Smart Toaster truly earns its name. Its motorized lever gradually lowers the bread into the toasting slots and steadily raises the toast when the cycle's complete. Press the Lift and Look button to check toasting progress without stopping and resetting the cycle. Not toasted enough? Press the A Bit More button to toast your bread a little longer. The end result is toast that comes out perfectly, so you never have to throw out or eat burnt toast again. It also has a Bagel function, which concentrates heat in the middle so you get a perfectly toasted inner-bagel without burning the outside. The 2-slice Smart Toaster houses the innovative Smart Chip which adjusts the browning cycle if the toaster has been in use and is already warm. It even shuts of the toaster if the bread becomes jammed in the slots. And the LED countdown timer tells you how much time is left in the toasting cycle. Pretty smart stuff!
  • •Motorized lever automatically lowers, centers and lifts toast.
  • •Lift and Look button lets you check toasting progress. A bit more button lets you toasts bread a bit longer.
  • •Smart Chip adjusts browning cycle if the toaster has already been in use.
  • •LED countdown timer shows you how much time is left in cycle.
  • •Bagel function toasts inner side of bagel without burning outside. Defrost function toasts frozen bread slightly longer

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