I created BurstFit FIRE to be a complete home workout program for busy moms, teachers, parents, and working professionals, who want to a better workout in a shorter amount of time. Each workout will leave you sore the next day, knowing you had a great workout, and they only last 20 minutes! Beginner Modifications: YES! Intermediate Modifications: YES! Advanced Modifications: YES! What's In The Package? Core 1 Abs on Fire for strength and definition. Core 2 Belly Fat Inferno for targeted mid-section fat burn. Cardio turn up the heat with the toughest workout you've done so far. Shoulder Shred Absolutely Lean Arms for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest. Hot Legs for getting a deep burn as you get lean and toned legs. Booty Bootcamp for lifting and tightening your glutes with targeted workouts. Warm Up for getting loose and ready for the burn. Cool Down to prevent injury and boost recovery. What Else Do I Need For BurstFit Fire? (Tools below are not included in the BurstFit Fire base kit) Recommended tools include resistance bands or dumbbells. Optional tools include a yoga/exercise mat, push up stands, and a heart rate monitor.
  • Get lean, toned, or grow stronger, with a fun variety of mix-and-match routines to keep you motivated
  • High Intensity Interval technique accelerates the results process by constantly pushing you and getting your heart rate up so your body never plateaus
  • Collection of 3 highly diverse and intense DVD workouts
  • Also includes 28 Day Quickstart guide workout calendar
  • Personal trainer Dr. Josh Axe and wife, Dr. Chelsea Axe will keep you engaged every step of the way

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