Please confirm your paint code before ordering. The paint you will receive is Martin Senour's ProBase urethane basecoat: superb color matches at an affordable price. Under-coat with any primer and top-coat with any clear coat but we recommend Finish 1 primer and clear coat, both available from ScratchWizard on Amazon.
  • READY TO SPRAY. Paint is reduced. Just place in a spray gun and go!
  • 100% COLOR MATCH. Mixed with the same computer formula as your original paint, guaranteed.
  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE. 16 oz. will cover 2+ doors, hoods, bumpers, or trunks.
  • SHIPS QUICK. Mixes and ships within 24 hours. Arrives in 2-5 days.
  • IMPORTANT: If your paint is faded, the paint you order from us will not match. Check and compare the paint in your inner jambs. Paint fading is typical of cars 8 years or older with significant sun exposure.

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