Under the sun, this film as the best of the best.

It shows clean resolution by excellent transmittance which is closed to optical devices. It provides clear image similar with primary color by excellent transmittance which is closed to optical devices, and can reduce eye fatigue by high resolution. The 'Healing Shield' represents more natural color sense and image quality.

It is also easy to remove of foreign materials with fingerprint-proof effect.

Anti-glare feature crisp and clear picture quality.

We are proud of excellent touch of sense and specialized surface strength over 3H.

Smart phone LCD can cause scratches striking against key, pen and etc. But it would be free from stress for life scratch if you are with the 'Healing Shield. 'Not only brand is Oleophobic but also it is used for base material Oleophobic which is made by original Japan technology, so that the 'Healing Shield' has exceptional durability, and also satisfy sense of touch for coating surface due to strength over 3H.

Easy to install film through the highest optical material and special adhesive made in Japan.

The 'Healing Shield' protection film products are easy to install and remove using the highest optical PET material and high quality silicon adhesive made in Japan, and it is safe and clean because of no any foreign materials. The 'Healing Shield' film is easy to attach and remove.

There is no rainbow phenomenon by further fine-nano process.

The 'Healing Shield' is used and produced by the high quality film materials which is added further fine-nano process, so it's more reliable product. The 'Healing Shield' has no rainbow phenomenon by using selected excellent quality materials.

  • AG Nanovid Film, Anti-Glare, Anti-Finger print
  • Total Thickness : 230um. Base Film Test : 5g. Haze : 17.6%. Wrinkle : Not Permission. Scratch : 10mm not Permission.
  • Low reflection, Good transmission, Stronger scratch protection, Easy attachment, Anti-fingerprint effect, Anti-rainbow phenomenon
  • Material : PET
  • Made in KOREA

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